Further Workshop / Show Information

Thank you for booking on our event in the Frome Festival.

No physical tickets are used for this event. When you arrive at the event just give your name to the person on the desk who will check you in. They will also take payment if you haven’t yet paid.

Please pass this information on to everyone else in your group as the link is only going to the person who made the booking

Concert info

The evening concert is at Wesley Chapel, Wesley Slope, Frome BA11 1HA.

There is very limited parking at the church. It may be best to find some street parking or use one of the car parks in town.

Workshop info

The following link will take you to a map of where the Selwood Academy, Berkley Road, Frome, BA11 2EF is:

Selwood Academy

There is plenty of parking at the school but we recommend arriving in plenty of time to guarantee a space and then make yourself a cuppa.

The workshop will start at 10:30am and finish at 1pm.

What to bring
Please bring along something to write with so you make notes on your wordsheets.

Teas and coffees will be available throughout the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Nick, Guy, Dave & Jon

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